Lex J. Byers, Attorney, Has a Passion for Classic Porsches and British Classic Cars

When a car breaks down, the owner sometimes is petrified of having to repair it, especially classic cars. Lex Byers is an automotive enthusiast who has a passion for classic Porsches, classic motorcycles and pre-1980 British cars. He loves talking about them and about automobiles and their repair in general and offers some tips here on general auto repair and maintenance. Visit http://www.lexbyers.net/ for more information on Lex Byers.
  • Check for A.S.E. certification before choosing a mechanic. Mechanics can obtain the ASE certification by taking a test and having more than two years of experience. This lets one know they have the best of the best repairing their automobile.
  • Wash car often to avoid rust. Cars are all destined to rust, but the process can be slowed by keeping salt and chemicals away from the paint whenever possible. A good wax is one’s best friend: a friend that will protect that shiny new paint job for a long time.
  • Keep records of all auto repairs. If further issues develop later, the mechanic may want to see the historical documentation of what has already been done. Without these records, one may end up paying more money for diagnostic work.
  • Be aware of a mechanic who makes unneeded repairs. A good mechanic should let the vehicle owner know if they noticed parts that are starting to get worn down and will need to be replaced soon but they should not replace the part without approval. If an auto technician performs unnecessary repairs or repairs that were not agreed upon beforehand, don't return to them for further services.
According to Lex Byers, car repairs do not have to be difficult to deal with. Still, if one knows a bit about the process, they will come out on top. Keeping this information in mind will help one deal with any car repair problem that develops.

When not working on classic cars or motorcycles, Lex Byers serves as Argent Capital’s senior counselor and is responsible for the overall regulation and structure of the company, conducting enterprise valuations and diagnosing the fiscal health of client organizations. Byers joined Argent following an extensive career in government, tax research, financial analysis and marketing that spans the past 30 years.

Lex Byers’ entrepreneurial career also includes serving as government affairs manager for the Food Marketing Institute (Washington, D.C.); government affairs manager for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and executive vice president of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. Lex Byers was educated at the University of California-San Diego and the University of San Diego. He holds Degrees in Psychology, Communications and Law. For more information about Lex Byers visit http://www.lexbyers.com/